Bicoll’s plant-based small molecule libraries have been proven in the following fields as documented by published results and patents:


Antiviral Compounds

The research in this field has been done in the collaboration with HMGU Munich.
Additional publications are in press.

Antiepileptic Compounds

Anti-cancer Compounds

Cardiovascular Disorders

  • 2011: The joint project at the forefront of drug discovery and development, focusing on the early diagnosis and preventive treatment of cardio metabolic and associated disorders

Orphan Targets


Sugar Reduction

Taste Modulation


Crop Science

  • 2006: Since 2006 Bicoll has been working together with Bayer Crop Science in the field of crop science. The cooperation is based on the on one side plant expertise of Bicoll, on the other side – on the strong medicinal chemistry knowledge
  • 2004: Synthesis and compounds delivery for BASF in the field of crop protection


  • 2015: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potential (in cooperation with Naturalpha SAS): Natural product communication
  • 2004: Confidential results of testing the substances for skin-whitening project with COGNIS France (Laboratories Serobiologiques division)
  • 2003: Collaboration with Stiefel Laboratories (now GSK)