Medicinal Chemistry Services

Bicoll’s solid medicinal chemistry competence is deeply rooted in the field of research, discovery and optimization of lead candidates generated from plant sources. Unique natural product approach, subsequent medicinal chemistry programs combined with a 20-year long proven track record make us a trusted and reliable medicinal chemistry service provider and partner for biotech, pharmaceutical corporations and leading research institutions in Europe and in the US.

Medicinal Chemistry Services

Bicoll offers time- and cost-effective medicinal chemistry services that are based on international standards for research, communication, and intellectual property. Our management team consists of experts with international business practice and renowned scientific experience. We provide medicinal chemistry services to our partners as an outsourcing solution, on project and FTE (full-time employee) basis. This can be for a variety of steps – for example for compound optimization, or medicinal chemistry consulting, in which your project data will be operated on FFS (fee for service) basis. Our effective outsourcing offers are customized to your requirements, are handled according to international standards, and cover the following services:

Hit to Lead

  • Medicinal chemistry project execution in Shanghai / China
  • Medicinal chemistry consulting and project management in Munich / Germany (e.g. strategic project planning focused on client’s intellectual property position, compound design, data analysis)
  • Custom synthesis of exclusive compounds and intermediates
  • Assessment of structure-activity relationships (SAR) by synthesis of new natural-product-like analogs
  • more: our Hit to Lead Workflow

Lead Optimization

  • Build-up of interdisciplinary teams out of hit identification and validation (ADME/Tox) and hit-to-lead (SAR) groups together with your screening experts
  • Selection of best candidates for development
  • Incorporation of best drug characteristics early in process/biological data interpretation
  • Patent application support

Downstream Support

From Initial Leads to Lead Optimization

  • Medicinal chemistry project planning, execution, and consulting
  • Compounds deliveries on weekly basis in the range of 1 mg – 100 g
  • Chemical analogs following medicinal chemistry strategies
  • Natural products compound scale-up as starting-points for medicinal chemistry projects

Screening support

  • Evaluation strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Adjustment of screening systems

For further assistance/inquiries and to discuss your medicinal chemistry service needs, please contact us via email:, phone +49 89 820 106 30 or fill out our contact form.

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