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Bicoll as Partner of a € 2.7 M European-Funded Euro TransBio Program; Olnorme II Program Focuses on the Development of a New Class of Drug Candidates for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardio Metabolic Diseases with an Inflammatory Component

Munich, Germany – May 11, 2011 – BICOLL GmbH, a biopharmaceutical drug discovery company
specializing in high-tech natural product chemistry and medicinal chemistry to identify novel small
molecules for drug discovery and related innovative fields, will be responsible for roughly 1 Million
Euro of the project volume. As part of the EuroTransBio initiative, the German Federal Ministry of
Education and Research, BMBF, has given green light for BICOLL’s contribution to the research
program OLNORME II. BMBF is likewise covering a substantial part of the costs for this Discovery
Program. The joint project of BICOLL together with Genfit, a biopharmaceutical company at the
forefront of drug discovery and development, focusing on the early diagnosis and preventive treatment
of cardio metabolic and associated disorders, follows on the positive results obtained during the initial
OLNORME (Occurrence of novel Ligands for a Nuclear Orphan Receptor in plant Metabolites) program. Initiated in 2007, BICOLL and Genfit were able to identify active and confirmed hits for a class of new drugs for an orphan nuclear receptor with anti-inflammatory properties within this framework.

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