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Bicoll earns BSFZ Seal: A Testament to innovation

We are thrilled to announce that Bicoll has been awarded the prestigious BSFZ Seal. This accolade serves as a testament to Bicoll’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in research and development. For Bicoll, this recognition represents more than just …

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Innovative Natural Sweet Modulation Patent Application

Bicoll GmbH is pleased to announce the release of a significant patent application in the field of natural sweet modulation compounds. In today’s industrialized societies, dietary and lifestyle choices contribute to numerous health issues. A surge in weight gain, cardiovascular …

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Biotechgate Digital Partnering August 2023

The world of biotechnology is constantly evolving, with breakthroughs and innovations shaping the future of healthcare and life sciences. As August 2023 kicks off, so does an exciting event that brings together key players in the industry to foster collaboration, …

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BIO International Convention 2023

We are excited to invite you to visit the Bicoll booth, 1435-12, at the German Pavilion during the upcoming BIO International Convention in Boston from June 5-8th, 2023. As a leading provider of innovative discovery services and technologies, we offer …

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Patent granted

Dihydrochalcone Derivatives: Enhancing Flavor as Sweet Tasting and Sweet Modulating Agents WO2023065059A1 The present invention introduces a unique compound or mixture of compounds (formula I) designed to enhance and optimize the flavor of sweet substances. Its purpose is to elevate …

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Fractionation and Extraction Optimization of Compounds

New publication on molecules “Fractionation and Extraction Optimization of Potentially Valuable Compounds and Their Profiling in Six Varieties of Two Nicotiana Species”. There is an increasingly urgent call to shift industrial processes from fossil fuel feedstock to sustainable bio-based resources. …

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Cybersecurity in Biotech and the Pharmaceutical Industry

In this fireside chat, Maria Lamottke talks to Christoph Eicken and focuses on the aspects of cybersecurity for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Are there any special considerations when it comes to biotech and cybersecurity? Who is responsible for establishing and …

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Bio-Convention 2022

Bicoll joins Bio 2022 to discuss research partnership opportunities in person. Visit us at German Pavilion – Booth 4607. #BIO2022 is back in-person! As there is no substitute for in-person collaboration, BIO is back this year offering ample opportunities to …

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Medicinal Chemistry: Impact and role- Podcast

Gabriel Garcia, Ph.D. : Impact and Role of Medicinal Chemistry in the area of Drug Discovery: Stay ahead of the game. Gabriel Garcia has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and has worked over the last 30 years in several academic …

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Preliminary Pre-Clinical Evaluation of a Molecule With Anti-Seizure Effects

BICS01 Epilepsy ASD molecule

Despite the availability of around 30 anti-seizure drugs, drug-resistant epilepsy remains a significant clinical and societal burden. We report the first promising result of a new candidate BICS01.

Planegg / Martinsried (Germany) – January 7, 2022 – Bicoll, an expert in synthesizing new and relevant small molecules as starting points for accelerated drug development, worked together with its partners at the University College London, FutureNeuro, and Royal College of Surgeons to publish data for a promising anti-seizure drug candidate BICS01 in Frontiers in Neurology.

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