Bicoll owns several trademarks for proprietary processes in the Hit-to-Lead workflow:


BILOBAC N™ is a small molecule library. This proprietary high-quality and evolutionary optimized library derives from rare endemic Asian plants. Bicoll guarantees reproducible scientific survey and collection including GPS positioning, digital photo, and Herbarium voucher for each plant.

BILOBAC N™ small molecule library, which consists of a continuously increasing stock of different and biologically relevant small molecules, counts more than 500.000 molecules. To ensure your drug discovery gets off on the right foot, we offer a drug-like compound library BILOBAC N, which consists of already fractionated extracts (Bicoll Plant Profiles™). The screening of BILOBAC N provides the initial identification of quality small compounds as lead structures.


BIFRAC N™ is Bicoll’s proprietary separation system. It combines reliable separation methods for natural products chemistry with innovative new techniques. Gentle separation conditions give access to new patentable structures and orthogonal separation technologies guarantee fast isolation of pure compounds.

BIFRAC N™ enables not only a much faster access to all kinds of small, bioactive molecules from natural resources but also a high quality that your standard in (high throughput) screening demands. Your benefit from Bifrac N™ : sorting of the physiochemical properties of the compounds found in our starting materials.


BIPRESELECT™ – preselection technique, which is one of the few existing techniques in early drug development according to physicochemical properties, e.g. logP, mol weight, solubility.

Bicoll’s business model includes discovery and provision of natural resources (Asian plant species) along with highly innovative approach, which includes delivering pre-selected, pre-purified natural products for drug discovery purposes (supported by Bipreselect™). Our technology platform (BILOBAC N, BIFRAC N) has increased the quality and quantity of the drug discovery process by a rapid selection of best leads with superior drug-like profiles for further developmental cycles.

Our collaborators are getting a rapid indication as to whether their hypotheses are geared towards developing new drugs, and if their intended compounds have a high chance to deliver positive results in clinical trials, of which they can then proceed to use these drugs in the future.

Bicoll Plant Profiles™

Bicoll Plant Profiles™ are plant-based fine fractions, fractionated by Bicoll’s innovative isolation system BIFRAC N™. One plant organ can produce up 192 plant Profiles™ (600 compounds). These plat profiles are ready to use in high-throughput screening assays due to their reduced complexity compared with crude extracts. They are the source of qualified drug candidates with known properties.

Considering a broad range of applications, which include biomolecular assays, whole cell assays, and whole organisms, Bicoll Plant Profiles™ offer a great starting point for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and definitely agriculture field.