Medicinal Chemistry

Bicoll uses state-of-the-art chemistry to accelerate drug discovery programs. It includes a broad range of target classes, parallel synthesis capabilities, custom synthesis from microgram to multiple hundred grams of biologically active compounds as well as pre-clinical scale-up capabilities. Unique natural product approach, subsequent medicinal chemistry programs combined with a 20-year long proven track record make us a trusted and reliable medicinal chemistry partner for biotech, pharmaceutical corporates, and leading research institutions in Europe and in the US.

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Natural Product Libraries

Bicoll has been working with plant secondary metabolites for over 20 years. Starting with fractions it could overcome existing problems while working with extracts. Bicoll focuses on finding single active compounds in plants, which is a relevant starting point (compounds) for research programs in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, agriculture industry. Plant ProfilesTM (fine fractions library) is in general DMSO-soluble. Technology implies the separation of the starting points (crude extracts) in a polar and non-polar part.

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Research Partnerships

We work with partners around the globe on a variety of project in different fields. We have long-term partnerships with academic institutions and public and private companies.

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