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Bicoll provides an efficient and multi-disciplinary technology approach to the discovery of novel potent molecules for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agricultural industry. Our proprietary small molecule property-based isolation technology enables an efficient Hit to Lead workflow for natural compounds. Bicoll’s plant-based small molecule libraries have been proven in a wide range of applications as documented by peer-reviewed publications and patents.


Besides comprehensive partnerships we offer services for individual steps of the Hit-to-Lead process using plant-derived natural compounds on FTE or FFS basis:

  • Custom Natural Product Libraries
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Chemical Structure Elucidation
  • Custom Compound Synthesis
  • Synthesis Strategy Consulting
  • Scale up services (500 g – 5 kg)


Bicoll is in a unique position at the interface of plant-based natural compounds and medicinal chemistry. Our two decades of experience partnering with industry and research worldwide to bring scientific excellence and customer service make us a trusted and reliable business partner for organizations. Increase the quantity and quality of your lead candidate portfolio by partnering with us.

Bicoll Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2020 was certainly a different, by all measures, and challenging year for many. Despite all, we had a reason to be thankful and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bicoll! On November 29th, 2000 we embarked on this exciting journey to deliver research services, to establish Bicoll’s natural compound libraries, backed by strong medicinal chemistry. We are continuing our promises to provide well researched, validated, and actionable insights to help our partners to develop new effective drugs based on natural compounds. Here we would like to take a moment to celebrate, reflect, and summarize the achievements of the last two decades.

Latest News

  • Bicoll GmbH Announces New Shareholder Trustee for Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
    Planegg / Martinsried (Germany) – October 1, 2021, Bicoll GmbH approved Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold as shareholder trustee of its 100% daughter company Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Bicoll Group is delighted to welcome such a renowned digital innovation and transformation guru and entrepreneurial mind such as Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold. Managing Director of Bicoll, …

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  • Research Taxation Support for German Entities: Forschungszulage
    Seit dem 01.01.2020 bekommen Unternehmen mit Sitz in Deutschland steuerliche Begünstigungen für ihre Forschungsausgaben. Auch die Auftragsforschung darf zu 15% geltend gemacht werden. Das bedeutet, einen Auftrag bei Bicoll koennen Unternehmen nun zu 15% als Forschungszulage zurückerstattet bekommen. Seit 20 Jahren ist Bicoll ein zuverlässiger Partner in der frühen Forschung und bietet Unterstützung im Bereich …

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  • Novel Small Molecule Targeting Huntington’s Disease Is Ready for Clinical Trials
    Since 2019 Bicoll GmbH has supported Galyan Bio Inc. in developing and optimizing an orally available small molecule for Huntington’s Disease Target. Clinical trials are scheduled for 2022. Planegg / Martinsried (Germany) – Bicoll, an expert in synthesizing new and relevant small molecules as starting points for accelerated drug development, announced today its supporting role …

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Our Clients & Partners

We support decision makers across DIFFERENT research AREAS to make data-driven decisions.

Industry Research Partner Lab

Industry Partners

We value our corporate partners in a range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutrition, food additives, agriculture, and cosmetics. Covering all continents and corporate sizes, we offer you the best solution for your organization’s needs.

Academic Partners

Academic partners and research groups will find a suitable and flexible partner in Bicoll. Working together with a number of universities and research organizations we know how to best address your needs, achieve fast results and prepare publications.

Academic Research Partner Chemistry Lab

Our Trademarks

Bicoll owns several trademarks for proprietary processes in our Hit-to-Lead workflow :

  • BILOBAC N™ is a small molecule library.
  • BIFRAC N™ is Bicoll’s proprietary separation system.
  • BIPRESELECT™ – preselection technique, which is one of the few existing techniques in early drug development according to physicochemical properties, e.g. logP, mol weight, solubility.
  • Bicoll Plant Profiles™ are plant-based fine fractions, fractionated by Bicoll’s innovative isolation system BIFRAC N™.

Global Partnerships

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