Your Advantages

Use stable and less toxic structures: Plant natural compounds instead of lab-designed chemical structures.

Any screening system can test our plant extracts.

Collect animal data in as little as 9 month from the initial compound screening.

Services For You

Drug Discovery Natural Products
Qualified leads into your drug discovery projects: Intelligent screening with Profiles™ - innovative techniques, methods and equipment accompanied with the extensive experience and expertise of our scientists in natural product chemistry.
Medicinal Chemistry
Based on strong synthetic execution skills for natural products and a deep knowledge of key factors in drug discovery, Bicoll provides integrated medicinal chemistry services.

We seamlessly guide your synthesis and lead optimization projects through drug discovery and development with intensive understanding of structure-activity relationships, capability in biological data interpretation, solid knowledge of intellectual property and patent aspects. Reliable and fast reporting under your specific requirements.
Hit Generation
Speed up your access to unique sets of compounds by our novel de-convolution and isolation strategies, guaranteed rapid structure elucidation. Keep your projects in time and get our know how for fast and easy scale up for re-delivery of larger compound amounts.

Lead Generation
Reduce the attrition rate of potential drug candidates as they progress through development supported by our high throughput prediction toolbox BIPRESELECT. Lower your screening costs and increase productivity through the identification and sort out of "troublemaker-compounds" up-front.
Lead Optimization
Incorporate the best drug characteristics early in the process by the overlapping of technologies for Hit Generation and Lead Generation as Lead Optimization is an iterative process. Many of the will.

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What others are saying about us

""Ganz herzlichen Dank für den ausgezeichneten, detaillierten Abschlußbericht! Ich bedanke mich ferner auch im Namen der HMGUler für die geleistete Arbeit und die Hartnäckigkeit der Chemiker, dieses vertrackte Projekt doch noch in den Griff zu bekommen. Aus der Beratersicht darf ich Ihnen versichern, dass mich die Zusammenarbeit mit Bicoll in diesem und dem anderen Projekt überzeugt hat. Gerne werde ich deshalb Bicoll als Partner weiterempfehlen." "

Helmholtz Zentrum München via Email

""Natural product libraries usually includes purified natural compounds from fungi or microbial. Using Chinese plant to generate profiles is very innovative. Plant-derived scaffolds are very different and the throughput is increased due to 3 to 10 compound combination. Hits are confirmed at the screening step due to the bell-shaped curve. This method is very similar to quantitative HTS method (screening and hit confirmation at the same time), except that using your library greatly decrease the data point number.""

Genfit via Email

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