Natural Product Libraries

Natural Compound Libraries:
The Key to Success in Drug Discovery

Benefits of utilizing Natural Product Libraries:

Natural compounds are highly relevant in drug discovery

Analysis of the Top 200 sold Pharmaceutical Products shows that:

  • 85 % of them are engineered natural compounds.
  • 52 % of them belong to the class of small molecules and they are originals or derivatives of natural compound skeletons.
  • 34 % of drugs counted as biologicals and described as engineered protein motives, which are found in nature.
Top 200 Pharmaceutical Products by Retail Sales in 2018

Plant natural compound libraries are easy to handle

Yes – regardless of what you might have heard or experienced so far, plant natural compounds are actually easy to include in your workflow. Even though crude extracts of plants have low data quality, pure compounds are cost prohibitive for most research budgets. Our Natural Compound Libraries of plants (Bicoll Plant Profiles™) strike the perfect balance and offer the best value.

Plant natural compound libraries are easy to handle

  • Bicoll Plant Profiles™ are ready to use in (high-throughput) screening assays.
  • Active agents can be identified within only two rounds of screening.
  • We build up libraries with particular and specific compounds.
  • Bicoll offers about 600 compounds from each plant organ.
  • Only active and promising compounds will be included for the structure elucidation.
  • We provide compounds with molecular weight ranges between 350 to 450 Da.
  • Our medicinal chemistry expert team supports further modification and fine-tuning of physiologic parameters.

The utility of Bicoll Plant Profiles™ is not only cost-effective but also time-saving. Our utmost priority is continuing the high-quality compound production.

Plant natural compounds are cost-effective and time-saving

The utility of Bicoll Plant Profiles™ is not only cost-effective but also time-saving. Our utmost priority is to continue providing high quality natural compounds. Bicoll Plant Profiles™ feature a diverse compound range with excellent ADME characteristics that shorten the lead discovery process.

  • Novel patentable structures for your lead portfolio.
  • Qualified drug candidates with known properties.
  • Screening library of 30.000 – 100.000 drug-like compounds.
  • From initial screening to animal test in 9 months (check client success stories).
  • Starting budget for a set of drug-like compounds from 100.000 €.
  • Reproducible scientific survey.
  • Custom synthesis of exclusive compounds & intermediates.

For further assistance/inquiries with your natural product library requirements, please contact us via email:, phone +4989 820 106 30 or fill out our contact form.

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