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Bicoll receives first payment as member of the €11.5 million EU funded EpimiRNA project to develop novel epilepsy therapeutics

Munich (Germany) – October 29, 2013 – BICOLL Group announces today to receive the first
payment as participant and work package leader in the EpimiRNA consortium. Recently the whole
consortium was granted up to €11.5 Million funding by the European Union over the next five years.
BICOLL is responsible for the consortium’s small molecule drug discovery program and drive this
first-ever large-scale approach in epilepsy research with its effective technology of fractionated plant
extracts. BICOLL’s Profiles™ technology evidentially leads to the identification of potent small
molecules as ligands with an unprecedented rapidity. In parallel the unique technology enables rapid
and reliable in vivo target validation studies for the to-be established screening systems. BICOLL is
also tasked to support the consortium with its medicinal chemistry competence once small molecules
are identified.

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