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New antiviral compounds synthesized by Bicoll enable novel mode of action against multiple HIV genotypes

Bicoll’s total synthesis of Aureothin-derivatives helped Prof. Brack-Werner from the Institute of Virology at Helmholtz Zentrum München to identify a lead compound that combines strong anti-HIV activity, photostability and improved cell safety.

Planegg / Martinsried (Germany), February 5, 2020 – Bicoll, an expert in providing new and relevant natural products as starting points for accelerated drug development, announced today its support role in the development of a new class of powerful HIV inhibitors (new antiviral compound).

Set of antiviral compounds under preparation in Bicoll lab

Set of antiviral compounds under preparation in Bicoll lab

The research group of Prof. Ruth Brack-Werner at the Institute of Virology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany, developed and tested a novel collection of fully synthetic Aureothin derivatives known by the acronym MAGIC (Multiple Antiviral Gamma-pyrone Inspired Compounds). The research findings were published last week in Scientific Reports.

Extensive anti-HIV testing revealed that these derivatives represent a promising new class of powerful HIV inhibitors that are chemically and functionally different from all current clinical anti-HIV drugs. This new class was active against all HIV genotypes (HIV-type 1 and HIV-type 2), including viruses resistant against several current anti-HIV drugs. Bicoll’s unique combination of expertise in high-tech natural product chemistry, as well as in medicinal chemistry enabled the total synthesis of the MAGIC class of Aureothin derivatives.

“Mankind is continuously confronted and challenged by a variety of diseases caused by new or known, ever-evolving viruses. Maintaining a good public health status requires ongoing research and pipelines of novel drug candidates. Extensive natural compound collections are the ultimate source of biological relevant compounds to feed these pipelines. Natural collections combined with the ability to modify active compounds using sophisticated medicinal chemistry is prerequisite for propelling the development of novel drugs. Development and total synthesis of the MAGIC class of Aureothin derivatives is a perfect and rewarding example of this combination. Bicoll is proud of the support we could provide Prof. R. Brack-Werner and her research group.” said Bicoll GmbH Managing Director Kai Lamottke, Ph.D..

As the current global Coronavirus crisis highlights, research funding for preclinical antiviral compounds and drugs are urgently needed. Prof. Brack-Werner’s team not only discovered a new mode-of-action, but, with the development of this novel collection of fully synthetic MAGIC Aureothin derivatives, her group has also opened the door for promising new treatment options for HIV patients.

With the novel developed collection of fully synthetic Aureothin derivatives (MAGIC class) Prof. Brack-Werner has discovered a new mode-of-action in anti-HIV-drug research. The MAGIC class is expected to be of interest for both academic and industrial partners aiming to expand treatment options for HIV infected individuals.

“Hopefully, continued funding of this research group will allow for further testing of these novel anti-HIV therapeutic agents in clinical trials, and lead to future anti-HIV treatments to improve patient lives.” said Lamottke.

Original publication: “Potent inhibition of HIV replication in primary human cells by novel synthetic polyketides inspired by Aureothin.” Scientific Reports 10, no. 1 (2020): 1-15.


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The Bicoll Group is a privately-owned biopharmaceutical company which includes Bicoll GmbH headquartered near Munich in Planegg / Martinsried, Germany and its wholly owned subsidiary Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., P.R. China.

Bicoll offers pre-clinical support with an efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery. Dedicated to the discovery and optimization of highest quality lead compounds, Bicoll provides services to international clients in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and related industries. The unique combination of expertise in high-tech natural product chemistry, as well as in medicinal chemistry, enables Bicoll to increase quality and quantity of the drug discovery pipeline of its partner’s candidate portfolios.


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