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Symposium „Academia Meets Industry – Industry Meets Academia“

January, 2-3, 2020 – Symposium “Academia meet Industry” – Presentation on current results of SimLeap project “Biologically relevant small molecules: Taste active components identified by data-mining of Chinese historical manuscripts”.

SimLeap Status @ BMBF project with Symrise and Charite

Presentation at the Symposium on small molecules support in SimLeap project

Dr. Kai Lamottke gave a talk on the current achievements of SimLeap project in the field of taste modulation. Federal Ministry of the Research and Education supports the project. The project is done in collaboration with Symrise AG and Charite, ICL Institute in Berlin.  Over the last 3 years the collaboration partners have worked on the topic how to improve the society problem of sugar consumption. There have been a number of interesting results achieved. Moreover, Bicoll has shown that small molecules are great for the taste modulation.

Over the last years BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH has been organizing the Symposium „Academia Meets Industry – Industry Meets Academia“ at Ringberg Castle (Tegernsee, Bavaria). Over 2 days the experts of academia and industry discuss relevant topics of the research and applications. Moreover new trends in the development in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medicinal branches have been talked about.

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