Natural Compound Library

Your innovative, fast and flexible access to successful Drug Discovery includes

1. Intelligent screening with Bicoll Plant Profiles™

Modern drug discovery campaigns need to include natural products to obtain qualified drug-like compounds. Bicoll offers its drug like compound library BILOBAC N, consisting of already fractionated extracts, called Bicoll Plant Profiles™. The screening of BILOBAC N enhances your chance for the initial identification of quality small compounds as lead structures.
The most distinctive feature of our plant fraction library BILOBAC N is the reduced complexity of fine fractions / Bicoll Plant Profiles™ compared with crude extracts. We generate our high potential Plant Profiles™ from crude extracts through the company’s innovative separation system BIFRAC N.
Bicoll Plant Profiles™ are readily to use in (high-throughput) screening assays. Active agents can be identified within only two rounds of screening.  Thereafter the structure will be elucidated. Unlike common pure natural product libraries, that concentrate on (often known) basic compounds, our technology allows to build up libraries with particular and specific compounds and their novel chemical structures, which were hardly possible to identify from extracts before: The plant is assumed to be known and investigated if you know 50 compounds, Bicoll offers from about 600 compounds from each plant organ. In comparison to expansive pure natural product libraries, structure elucidation is only done for active, interesting and promising compounds. Most elucidated structures range between a molecular weight of 350 to 450. This allows further modification and fine tuning of physiologic parameters (see Lead Generation).
Therefore intelligent screening with Bicoll Plant Profiles™ cuts on development time and is resource saving – because your successful screening of natural products libraries not only needs a rich reservoir of structure diversity and high biological activity potential but also the balancing of costs, time and quality. All of them difficult to achieve by either time intensive screening of complex plant extracts with activity guided isolation or the cost intensive screening of pure natural products.

2. Comprehensive Expertise in Natural Product Chemistry

Innovative techniques, methods and equipment are the base in bringing qualified leads into your drug discovery projects. The difference comes up with the extensive experience and expertise of our scientists in natural product chemistry. All Drug Discovery natural products projects are managed by our experienced international team to provide you with ideas and services tailored to your specific needs.

  • We develop novel deconvolution and isolation strategies to speed up your access to unique sets of compounds.
  • We guarantee rapid structure elucidation to keep your projects in time.
  • We provide the know-how for fast and easy scale up for redelivery of larger compound amounts.
  • We guide you through all steps of the drug discovery process: From hit generation over Lead Generation to Lead Optimization.