Lead Optimization is an iterative process. Furthermore, it overlaps quite of ten with many of the technologies for Hit Generation and Lead Generation. The goal in lead optimization is to incorporate the best drug characteristics as early on in the process as possible utilizing Bicoll’s unique strategy.

Lead optimization is the process by which a drug candidate is designed after an initial lead compound is identified. The process involves iterative rounds of synthesis and characterisation of a potential drug to build up a picture of how chemical structure and activity are related in terms of interactions with its targets and its metabolism. (Nature research)

As the structure has been identified, the main goal of the lead optimization will be to enhance the properties. Thus, it might involve the better desired properties and reduction of any deficiencies. Moreover, it will include the selectivity and specificity towards a given target and potential safety concerns. As a result, the promising compounds will be confirmed as preclinical candidates.

Above all, Bicoll tailored services include:
  • MedChem services – FTE based chemistry for compound optimization including MedChem consulting based on project data.
  • Custom synthesis – synthesis of exclusive compounds and intermediates.
  • Custom library synthesis – synthesis of exclusive compounds by parallel synthesis.