Defining qualified leads at very early stages of your Drug Discovery

Natural Product (NP) hit confirmation and hit validation need to be followed by the fast conversion into qualified lead series. Therefore the assessment of physicochemical and pharmacological properties has to be conducted at very early stages of drug discovery for the purpose of accelerating the conversion of hits into leads and then into qualified development candidates.

Bicoll own pre-selection technique in early drug development

natural product hit generationOur high throughput prediction toolbox BIPRESELECT™ enables reducing the attrition rate of potential drug candidates as they progress through development. To identify and sort out “troublemaker-compounds” up-front to significantly lower your screening costs and increase productivity, the aim is to structurally modify the lead compound in an attempt at improving both the affinity for the target and specific ADME / Tox properties – properties that usually require further development in the course of  Lead Optimization.

The high potency of natural products and their proven capability to influence cell metabolism is promoted by data of selected early ADME properties. This will help you to focus development resources on the promising compounds exclusively.