BipreselectTM - preselection toolBIPRESELECT™ – preselection technique. It is one of the few existing techniques in early drug development according to physicochemical properties, e.g. logP, mol weight, solubility. Thus, BIPRESELECT pre-selection tool narrows in on compounds with selected (Bicoll — The First Sino-German Biotechnology Company).

Bicoll’s business model includes discovery and provision of natural resources (Asian plant species) along with highly innovative technology. Furthermore, its novel approach includes delivering pre-selected, pre-purified natural products for drug discovery purposes (supported by Bipreselect™ – preselection technique). Over 20 years Bicoll has increased its outstanding expertise in high tech natural product chemistry and validated experience in medicinal chemistry. As a result, Bicoll increases quality and quantity of the project’s drug discovery process. Besides that, Bicoll is able to select rapidly only the best leads with superior drug-like profiles for the further development cycles due to further innovative strategies supported by its proprietary technology platform (BILOBAC N,BIFRAC N). Subsequent medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis complete company’s seamless substantial services for the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Moreover, Bicoll has already proven effective delivery of active compounds either from natural compounds or chemistry approaches [1]. In addition, it has worked for institutions, companies, and universities.

Our collaborators are getting a rapid indication as to whether their hypotheses are geared towards developing new drugs, and if their intended compounds have a high chance to deliver positive results in clinical trials, of which they can then proceed to use these drugs in the future.

[1] “The Identification of Naturally Occurring Neoruscogenin as a Bioavailable, Potent and High-Affinity Agonist of the Nuclear Receptor RORα (NR1F1)” S. Helleboid, C. Haug, K. Lamottke, Y. Zhou, J. Wei, S. Daix, L. Cambula, G. Rigou, D. W. Hum, R. Walczak, Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 2014, 19, 399-406; first published on July 29, 2013, DOI: 10.1177/1087057113497095.