Bilobac N - small molecule library

BILOBAC N™ is small molecule library. This proprietary high-quality, evolutionary optimized library derives from rare, endemic Asian plants. Plants origin from tropical region of China. As a result, Bicoll has secured the legal collections publicly and scientifically respected sustainable method. Bicoll guarantees reproducible scientific survey and collection including GPS positioning, digital photo and Herbarium voucher for each plant.

Moreover, BILOBAC N™ small molecule library consists of a continuously increasing stock of different and biological relevant small molecules. By now it counts more than 500.000 molecules.

The most essential question at this time was how to safe-guard access to the plant materials, which are mostly found in developing countries. The 1992 Rio-Convention for the protection of biodiversity severely restricted this access for industrialized countries. In many cases, the species containing interesting compounds for drug research and development had been exploited in the past, without any regard to their preservation. As for the fauna, a vast and careless harvest had often endangered or even destroyed species. Al-though the Rio-Convention raised these questions, it did not deliver successful business models other than those on a non-profit, and therefore unsustainable, basis. (Buy a book)

As plant ingredients are the most successful sources of new pharmaceuticals, include them into your screening system to identify the drugs of the future, – says Dr. Kai Lamottke. Plants are the source of half of the top 200 drugs in the world. Historically, Bicoll used these plant-based natural products for quality reasons. Furthermore, we began to offer medicinal chemistry competence supporting solid patent protection. This enables to figure out the most relevant modifications for human patients.

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