BILOBAC N - separation system

BIFRAC N™ is Bicoll’s proprietary separation system. It combines reliable separation methods for natural products chemistry with innovative new techniques. Gentle separation conditions give access to new, patentable structures and orthogonal separation technologies guarantee fast isolation of pure compounds.

As a separation system BIFRAC N™ enables a much faster access to all kinds of small, bioactive molecules from natural resources in the quality that your standard in (high throughput) screening demands.

Your benefit from Bifrac N™:

As we started the company, it was a challenge to compete with any synthetic approach due to costs per compound. When it comes to chemistry, the costs of high-throughput screening are in the millions. Furthermore, it was a problem of having the same amount of numbers provided to partners for screening. This is the first interaction and interface for us and our partners. We are sorting the physiochemical properties of the compounds found in our starting materials. It shrinks any interference in the detection and produces very robust readouts with pharmaceutical like compounds, which have proven their success already in influencing human metabolism. Flipping this around, because plant ingredients are the most successful sources of new pharmaceuticals, if they do not fit into any screening system, then you will not be able to identify the drugs of the future.

There are many other projects underway. For example, we are also collaborating with the Charité in Berlin, which is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe and a medicinal-based research hotspot. (see more)

The technology short introduction and background could be also found as a printed version.

Other proprietary technologies used by Bicoll are: BILOBAC N,BIPRESELECT.