Bicoll Plant Profiles™ are plant-based fine fractions. Thus, they derive from plant extracts fractionated by Bicoll’s innovative isolation system BIFRAC N™. As a result, one plant organ can produce up 192 plant Profiles™. The picture shows the 96-deep well plate with half of the plant organ. Importantly, standardized routine checks and additional spot-checks by conventional HPLC methods secure the outstanding quality of Profiles.

In short, they are ready to use in (high-throughput) screening assays due to their reduced complexity compared with crude extracts. They are the source of qualified drug candidates with known properties.

In fact, Bicoll Plant Profiles™ fit perfectly different biomolecular assays, whole cell assays, and even whole organisms. Thus, it is a great starting point in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics and definitely agriculture field.