SimLeap project: Reformulation of low-calorie foods

Picture: The new assembled SimLeap-Team consisting of members of Charité (Berlin), Symrise (Holzminden) and Bicoll (Martinsried).

Nutrition and lifestyle induce many diseases in industrialized countries. The basis for malnutrition is often laid early in childhood. For example, misguided taste impressions are caused by excessive consumption of foods with a high proportion of added sweet carbohydrates. Due to this, natural, sugar reduced and healthy products appear often tasteless or even too bitter. In the course of the project, the research team is aiming to investigate and to identify further well tasting or taste optimizing plants or preparations out of the worldwide unique Asian plant diversity.
The total project “SimLeap” (Symrise, Charité and Bicoll) with a volume of 1.6 million € is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research with 1.1 Mio € and is aligned till middle of 2019.

BIO International 2024June 3-6
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