Patient-twin on inflammatory diseases

Bicoll joins in HVC Kyoto 2020. The provided pitch dwell upon current project in the field of inflammatory diseases.

HVC Kyoto 2020 Inflammatory diseases pitch

Precision medicine: individualized discovery of compounds through lab-on-a-chip technology using plant libraries and patient samples for the treatment of inflammation processes.

Bicoll aims to have a prototype ready, being able to make individual predictions possible for the best treatment options for patients, and identifying the right compounds for it. -states Dr. Maria Lamottke in the interview with Bio-M.

Chronic inflammatory processes, which can manifest themselves in different disease courses, cause suffering, pain, non-functional movement sequences and a generally limited quality of life. These processes usually start slowly and are difficult to diagnose in the initial phase, especially when it comes to subchronic treatment schemes. Individualized treatment schemes that contribute significantly to an increase in quality of life and work productivity are only just beginning to be recognized.

Here, the interdisciplinary consortium (“PTID”), consisting of German and Japanese cooperation partners, wants to use diagnostic prognostic instruments to demonstrate ways of intervening early on in the course of the disease. The innovative basis for this are historical, handwritten, Chinese, healing texts, whereby not only the special property of Chinese medicine with regard to individualized treatment but also potentially old knowledge about these diseases, which have always accompanied people, is made usable for modern pharmaceutical research. The overall project under the project management of Bicoll GmbH has an amount of 1.8 million € for the project partners on the German side.

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