Patent granted

Dihydrochalcone Derivatives: Enhancing Flavor as Sweet Tasting and Sweet Modulating Agents WO2023065059A1

The present invention introduces a unique compound or mixture of compounds (formula I) designed to enhance and optimize the flavor of sweet substances. Its purpose is to elevate the sweet flavor, improve mouthfeel, reduce acidity, and eliminate bitter aftertaste or unwanted off-tastes in sweet substances. This patent also encompasses a composition comprising the formula I compound, one or more sweet substances, and optionally a sweet taste modulating substance. Additionally, it introduces a product utilizing this composition. Furthermore, the invention provides a method for effectively modulating and optimizing the flavor of various sweet substances. It offers a straightforward approach to improve the overall taste experience. Notably, the invention also encompasses a method for the production of the formula I compound or compound mixtures. This process ensures the availability of the key ingredient. Lastly, the invention highlights specific new compounds or compound mixtures and their application as flavorful substances, especially in the context of sweetness and taste modulation. This breakthrough discovery opens new possibilities for enhancing naturally the taste and enjoyment of various products.