Innovative Natural Sweet Modulation Patent Application

Bicoll GmbH is pleased to announce the release of a significant patent application in the field of natural sweet modulation compounds.

In today’s industrialized societies, dietary and lifestyle choices contribute to numerous health issues. A surge in weight gain, cardiovascular complications, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes, among others, has been closely linked to the detrimental effects of a high-sugar diet. Despite these health concerns, there remains a persistent demand for sweet-tasting food and beverages, which consumers find highly desirable. The need to address this paradox by providing healthier alternatives that retain the desired sweetness without compromising taste has become increasingly evident in our society and industry.

The remarkable joint innovation (Dihydrochalcone derivatives, WO2023065059A1) received support from the “SimLeap” Project, a venture that sought to explore and identify appealing plants or preparations from the unique biodiversity of Asian plants. The “SimLeap” Project, a collaboration involving Symrise, Charité, and Bicoll, had a total budget of €1.6 million, co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research.

The primary aim of this invention is to offer compounds that effectively modulate sweetness, enhancing the sweet profile of various substances, including sweeteners. Beyond their sweet modulating properties, these compounds excel in enhancing the overall taste experience by skillfully adjusting other sensory attributes. These include reducing acidity, minimizing bitterness, and enhancing mouthfeel, thereby elevating the sensory appeal for consumers. What sets this innovation apart and one of the most remarkable aspects is its natural origin, exclusively derived from plant extracts.

The goal is clear: strengthen the intensity of sweet flavors, improve mouthfeel, reduce sourness, and mitigate bitter or unpleasant aftertastes. It is a straightforward approach to enhance the overall deliciousness of sweet products. With the publication of this patent application, the consortium has achieved an important milestone in the collaborative commercialization of this shared patent. Going forward, Bicoll is committed to working with industry partners to incorporate these compounds into a wide range of food and beverage products, offering healthier and more enjoyable options to consumers worldwide.

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