Bicoll GmbH Announces New Shareholder Trustee for Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Planegg / Martinsried (Germany) – October 1, 2021, Bicoll GmbH approved Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold as shareholder trustee of its 100% daughter company Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Bicoll Group is delighted to welcome such a renowned digital innovation and transformation guru and entrepreneurial mind such as Prof. Dr. Heinrich Arnold. Managing Director of Bicoll, Dr. Kai Lamottke, states: “Bicoll will definitely enormously profit from Dr. Arnold 20 years professional competence in different fields, such as supervision of start-ups and digital transformation knowledge. It is an asset to work with him.”

Since January 1, 2020, Foreign Investment Law was implemented in China. The new law has brought a good unification for domestic and foreign-invested companies. Shareholders’ meeting remains the decision-making authority of the company. Shareholders still delegate the day-to-day operation and management to the board of directors. The new regulation has been added to introduce a supervisor position to control the performance of the board and senior management, who reports to the board.

Heinrich Arnold is a top manager, investor, and advisory board member. From 2016 to 2019 he was CEO of Detecon, the largest German technology consultancy. Previously, for over a decade he was leading the research and development of Deutsche Telekom, based in Silicon Valley, Berlin, and Israel. He was the youngest R&D head of a DAX group and contributed to the creation of the innovation hot spots in Berlin and Beersheva. Arnold serves on a number of advisory boards, including Davidson Capital, Germany’s first venture debt provider. He started his professional career at Mercer Management Consulting and was co-founder of the first German-Chinese biotech start-up Bicoll. Arnold holds an MSc from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in technology management. The TU Berlin awarded him a honorary professorship for Engineering of Digital Transformation.

About Bicoll 
The Bicoll Group is a privately-owned biopharmaceutical company which includes Bicoll GmbH headquartered near Munich in Planegg / Martinsried, Germany, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Bicoll offers pre-clinical support with an efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery. Dedicated to the discovery and optimization of the highest quality lead compounds, Bicoll provides services to international clients in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and related industries. The unique combination of expertise in high-tech natural product chemistry and medicinal chemistry enables Bicoll to increase the quality and quantity of the drug discovery pipeline of partner’s candidate portfolios. 
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