Internship in Phytochemistry

We offer an internship in phytochemistry to gain practical experience and the opportunity to make use of the theory learned at university. For this position we are looking for highly motivated and global minded students interested to work within a fast pace business environment as an intern for a period of 3 to 6 months at Bicoll in Shanghai (Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park).

Internship in Phytochemistry

Job responsibilities

  • Own set of responsibilities in the project teams encompassing planning, operating and analyzing experiments;
  • Becoming familiar with state-of-the-art tools in natural materials;
  • Proceeding the plants as a raw material;
  • Extracting and isolating active compounds from natural materials;
  • Working on the literature search supporting the team;
  • Involvement in the development of new substances;
  • Planning and carrying out of preparative organic synthesis in lab-scale;
  • Supporting other colleagues in projects.

Job requirements

  • Studies as valuable background in natural product chemistry, TCM chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Traditional Chinese Materia;
  • Ability to work independently in a laboratory for preparative chemistry;
  • Great attention to detail along with a good sense for natural compounds;
  • Know-how in phytochemistry;
  • Very good written and spoken English skills;
  • Self reliant and solution-oriented way of working;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate effectively as a team member;
  • Firm knowledge in MS-Office applications;
  • Ability to work 3 or more days a week.


BICOLL is a biopharmaceutical company, offering pre-clinical support in the area of Drug Discovery from Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry. Dedicated to the discovery and optimization of the highest quality lead compounds, BICOLL provides an efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery. With outstanding expertise in high tech natural product chemistry and validated experience in medicinal chemistry, BICOLL increases quality and quantity of the drug discovery pipeline of its partner’s candidates portfolio.

The BICOLL Group provides its services to a number of international clients of various fields of interest, e.g. pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. The BICOLL Group comprises two legal entities: BICOLL GmbH in Munich, Germany and BICOLL Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., P.R. China Technology development, cooperation management and marketing are functions in Munich, while facilities for research and development are located in Shanghai.


Join us and take on new challenges in your career; we are looking for exceptionally talented professionals, who strive for innovation in natural compounds chemistry. Interested? Send us your application documents (not bigger than 0.5 MB) with the subject line “Job: Phytochemistry Internship” and “your name”. Add a short comment why Bicoll will profit from your move to our team, including what you want to bring in as some extraordinary contribution. Specify your earliest starting date.

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